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William Bill Arganda-What is Risk Assessment?

William Bill Arganda blog:

Risk Assessment can be utilized in a variety of ways to a variety of industries. However, in its simplest meaning, Risk Assessment is the ability to proactively identify areas of vulnerability, and utilize that assessed information to implement productive change.

In any professional or personal environment, Risk Assessment can be utilized to avoid, protect, enhance and preserve most any situation, setting and/or goal. Having the ability to actively assess all things you come across or believe may be an issue, will help you better enjoy what is intended and avoid what is concerning.

Whether you are a part of an organization looking to protect assets and avoid liability, or a stay home parent preparing for a crowded day at an amusement park, there are many steps you can proactively take to predict potential risk (the what ifs), implement change prior to avoid those risks, and better preserve what you know works.

A daily process of proactively assessing risk of any kind, in any setting, makes for a much more productive and enjoyable day.