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William Bill Arganda on Community Service

William Bill Arganda Blog:

Community Service can sometime be a term associated with mandatory duties. However, far too often we fail to see community service for what it really is, a willingness to care beyond ourselves, for those we sometimes may not even know.

Whether community service was a mandatory task, or a tug at your heart, the actual act of doing a service for someone does much more than simply completing a task… it opens avenues of gratitude and creates a new (or renewed) sense of purpose, for all affected.

We are so inclined to do only for ourselves daily, we completely forget there are those near us that sometimes can’t do for themselves. As professionals we spend so much time, effort and resources fine tuning our skills, reinforcing our worth and evolving our life goals, yet we often neglect to exercise our God given abilities to give and serve. Professional skills do need to be maintained, but we equally need to make service a part of those skills for true success.

Given our busy schedules and tasks, try to implement an act of service, even once. Whether it’s helping an elderly neighbor with a chore, opening a door for an unexpected stranger or taking the time to find an organization to serve, will help make a bigger difference. Its humbling, gratifying and one of the best perishable skills training efforts we can all benefit from.

Bill William Arganda