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Behind The Blue Wall (leaves me pacing no longer)

A place to blog. …former Westminster Police Sgt. Bill Arganda  provides the public insight into the workings of police work, behind the blue wall. Why certain actions are and are not taken by officers.  What protocol is and how it dictates the way in which police approach and address many concerning issues.

Stay tuned for many blogs to come.

Behind The Blue Wall [CA] leaves me pacing the floor. Sgt. Arganda

As a former police Sergeant, with a total of 19 years of law enforcement experience, I look back at the assignments I had as a cop, detective, administrator, SWAT team leader and supervisor. I then attempt to recount all the public encounters I had of an incredibly diverse demographic of people, whether suspected of crimes, victims, witnesses or just plain old law abiding citizens. For the life of me, I try and better grasp or identify aspects of the issues not just in Ferguson Missouri, but what seems to be a growing relationship issue with the public and police.

From a stand point of the average person watching the media’s versions and direction of events, public perception of police has drastically changed from two decades ago. There will always be differences and issues to combat no matter the era, but the way in which matters are perceived, reported, believed and dealt with are now flamed with a stronger presumption of guilt towards police. Police were inherently liked and trusted prior, but now seem to carry a new popular convenient belief of an us against them mentality. Given this direction, we run a very dangerous risk of a social acceptance of excuses that will only minimize accountability…..and that goes for both the public and police. Meaning neither police nor claimed “activist’ can use these drastic changes for agendas.

Solutions are still not known, but what is known is that trenched in taking of sides, no matter your view, will never be the solution. Disputes will never be won over, no one side will every give way to the other entirely. However, resolving conflict through mediated dialogue and mutual respect is a start towards finding direction of a solution.

William Arganda Blog : Creepy Use of Computer Database

William Bill Arganda Blog

In February of 2015, Anthem Blue Cross revealed a recent cyber attack to their client database systems, and as a result, millions of current and former members had their private identity information compromised. revealed the breach involved members as far back as 2004. The website gives greater detail about those affected, as well as informative information on how to address any suspected identity theft related issues as a result. It is strongly encouraged to check out the site and follow up with the offered support services related to ID theft monitoring, protection and recovery.

What makes this matter creepy are two worries….first, Anthem had no clue hackers were in their systems for some time, and only discovered the breach long after the attackers got what they wanted, and eliminated all means for apprehension thereafter. Second, the breach did not just involve the primary members of Anthem, but also the dependents of the account holder. Remember, all that information has been taken, and if not already used, will be used in the future. It’s not just that of those that had coverage, but their dependents as well; every spouse and child’s date of birth, social security number, full name, etc… Sure your credit and identity may be untouched now, but with that information lost in the worldwide web, whose to say if and when your minor child doesn’t somehow mysteriously take out a bank loan in another state or country within the next few years and they come after you for the obligation. All the more reason to take advantage of the free Anthem credit monitoring for all names compromised.

Identity theft will remain one of the strongest growing lucrative crimes of our times. It is far too easy to do, far too hard to get caught (let alone prosecuted) and far too overwhelming for law enforcement to ever stay on top of the daily online crimes occurring. Instead, be proactive about protecting yourself and family, and be prepared to quickly implement recovery techniques when you do become the victim. Once you do fall victim to ID theft, be prepared to battle the very same credit card companies and banks that once craved your legitimate business; they may be be the very same entities that come after you and make you feel as though you were the bad guy. Never let a creditor attempt tactics to make you pay for things someone else stole from your good name.

Bill William Arganda

Sgt. Bill Arganda

As a former Westminster Police sergeant, i had the privilege of working and supervising nearly every bureau and assignment offered a cop at the agency. One such role was that of background and recruitment investigator, in charge of hiring new cops (as well as support staff).

I bring this up because recently i found there was a great candidate friend that failed out of training with an agency. In a moment their dreams, hopes and professional goals were gone like that. Such feeling of failure instantly deminished  their drive and gave way to the belief that this was no longer their career, even though days prior, it was all they breathed, thought and wanted.

Simply because their potential with that agency ended, it did not mean their career opportunities ended. Sometimes we’re right for the job, but have to find the right fit to do that job, the right place to call home and thrive in a career. ..any career. Don’t let what you have to contribute fade away simply because of one disappointment.

Far too often we let failure dictate our continued life direction (or lack of). When our plans turn from our presumed direction, we too quickly convince ourselves that that must not have been our life plan after all. Instead of taking that obstacle as a challenge and chance to grow, we take it as justification to excuse and quit. Sure there may be events that should cause definite change in course, but don’t conclude that so soon, without first trying anew, trying harder and smarter.

A true worthy challenge should come with obstacles, forks in the road and events that place us in vulnerable internal areas. It’s what creates results that only a meaningful challenge can present and produce.

So next time you find yourself blocked, stopped, frustrated, don’t let it tell you your done, instead, tell yourself your done making excuses.