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Bill William Arganda Blog: Domestic Terror Preparedness

Bill William Arganda’s View:

In light of various “home grown” violent acts throughout our communities, it is critical we not only adhere to emergency personnel safety guidelines, but also create a mental, and actual, means of personal/family protocol that not only physically prepares for unspeakable acts, but also discusses and addresses the fear and needed steps to minimize damage and negative exposure when these things happen.

Fear dominates when we are met with something that is unfamiliar and unexpected. Unfortunately things will inevitably happen in public places, but the way in which you familiarize yourself (and family) with abilities to protect and avoid such incidences, the quicker and more certain we will better respond and stay safe. Of course schools, work facilities and other related targets have (or should have) protocols and training that help address violent situations, but even in such arenas, the immediate response and resources will be minimal and your knowledge and mindset matter greatly!

We respond how we prepare…. even mental scenarios of what ifs eliminate that delay, minimize that fear, and maximize your chances of success through clear minded thought and action.

Preparing is not just for the professionals, but easily available to you and your family.