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william bill arganda: The Terror of Terror

William Bill Arganda’s View on the threat of terror in America

No matter the political views or reasons, the fact is terror is no longer just an issue abroad. Adaptability is a key goal with terrorists, and never has it been more evident that American soil is, and will be, affected more and more. The recent individual shooting sprees are an example of what will most likely be a more frequent occurrence in various parts of our social gatherings….malls, public events with large crowds, government buildings, schools, churches, and many similar locations that will lend towards inflicting mass damage and fear.

We are told often by leaders and professionals not to panic, not to alter our living, and not to let the terror bind our way of life. However, we would be fools not to adapt as much as those that attempt to harm us. No one needs to hide and forever fear, but we do all need to re-frame our thinking and proactively prepare when it comes to how we view threats, as well as how we react to them.

Both terrorist and law enforcement train in repetitive tactics… actions that sharpen skills and abilities in such a way that repetition of simulated activities create near perfect reaction. We will only do (react) how we previously think and train to. If there is no such preparedness, then there will be no such success….we will panic and feed the terror. However, if we rethink and proactively train the brain, then that can, and will, make the world of difference.

Given any location, event and situation, we need to create a “what if” mindset….not one that holds us hostage, but a proactive realistic mindset that not only asks what it if, but also thinks about the reaction to the what if. No one needs to know it, see it, be apart of an in-prompt to created briefing…instead, we need to simply analysis a situation, ask what could happen, and ask yourself in the event that something does happen, what would we do? Such simple altered thinking automatically creates a planned reaction that will subconsciously create a method of logical actions that make the biggest difference.

Just think ahead a bit…where you park, where you walk, where you sit, where you can exit, where you can hide, what can be used as defense mechanisms, etc… These are simple steps that can be taken internally, without anyone knowing. It’s just crucial that we take some steps, any steps that take the place of panic…the panic that terrorists need.

William Bill Arganda