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William Bill Arganda ; The Politics of Politics

Bill William Arganda…blog on current politics.

For decades we engaged in a political campaign system of marketing and voting that had a certain pattern and process. Political party vetting, fund raising, behind the scene favors and support, along with the political commercials, debates and direction things always seem to take with the inevitable control (and sometimes abuse) by the only two power parties around. Simply put, there was always a way things were done (right or wrong) when it came to how and who we decide runs for President.

Then social media & reality TV happened…..

When you no longer have a politician running for a politician’s job, the game starts to change. Not because they have more intelligence (not sure who actually has that), but what new they bring to the table….they bring a new interest from a new crowd of voters that were disengaged before. It’s great news that more people get involved, but the bigger question is why are they now getting involved, and how well are they educating themselves on the real issues…aside from the political frenzy, flash and questionable marketing?

Are we gaining voters and people power that will realistically address the issues for this Country’s future, or are we simply gaining more shallow viewers that now vote for very questionable reasons? I guess we can say anyone’s reasons are no one’s business…true, but what becomes everyone’s business is what all this means for everyone’s future.

Why is there a whole new generation or culture of people engaged in politics? Are their motives to better their future, their economy, their social and foreign interests, or are they now so accustomed to reality TV that the most convenient and catchy sounding political promises of “what’s  in it for us” is the chad they punch? Are we still using chads, pregnant or not (Gore-Bush pun)?

There is no political agenda here, and know one person or party this blog will lean towards. What I am saying is that no matter whose running under what umbrella, ask yourself why they are running, and why you are voting. Are we genuinely concerned about real issues that affect us and founded this country, or are we ready for the new growing mold of issues that embark only on self and instant gratification?

One thing we can all seem to agree on is the uproar the current political candidates have caused with the public interest dynamic, the scrambled change to both bases, and the need to find new from something so old and broken. It’s true people politics at its best when the public interest and need forces change….but what kind of change are we causing, demanding and likely producing?

Public interest has always dictated politics, but the problem was the public grew disinterested and the politics grew ever stronger (without oversight from public interest). We now have younger and powerful agendas from a public that has gotten used to a government far different than before. Good or bad, there are much more needs the public have of government than ever before, and we run the risk of allowing that need to influence our political interests and direction(s).

As much as this is a world wide issue, it is equally an individual issue. What we find  we need individually ultimately becomes the people’s needs, and that drives politics….we just need to truly ask ourselves how important are things beyond our own personal interests.