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Arganda William Bill – California Mileage Tax- A Scary Start

Arganda, Bill William Blog on Mileage Tax

Gov. Brown recently enacted legislation he signed that assigned 5,000 drivers to participate in a pilot program that taxes them based upon the amount of miles driven (the Vehicle Miles Traveled Program). This was created to address the shortfall of funds depleted from the tax revenue already allocated for road repair and construction. This is a creative, yet dangerous, direction to go to fill the budget short fall of nearly $59 Billion dollars. This money was mismanaged and reallocated to other areas other than intended. All the propositions and gas taxes we pay were meant to cover costs of roads, but somehow our elected officials passed laws that enabled them to redirect those funds and now we are being asked to fill the gap yet again.

No matter the political party we affiliate with, our elected officials are doing poorly with our tax dollars, and now they are creatively attempting to get us to once again pick up the tad. If this pilot program continues, it will lend toward justification to make the program law for all California drivers. That means every long distant job you travel to will cost you more, every road trip will be added to the tally and every personal mile you ever take anywhere no longer remains personal. Every mile will be tracked and every mile will be billed.

Aside from the grey area of privacy our state wants to implement, just think of how much it will prevent us from wanting to travel more, spend more or visit others more. Why would we want an intrusive program that only requires more taxes, and greatly hinders more tax revenue spending….thus the vicious cycle of Govt. loosing spending revenue, so as a result, they find more way to tax us for not spending.

Oddly enough, I am sure there is an exemption built into the law for all government/state vehicles. How many of those responsible for this program and budget shortfall have govt. vehicles they drive or are driven around in? Why is it that they are the only ones getting a FREE RIDE?