Bill-William-Arganda- Blog on Airport Security (Politically Correct Safety)

Bill William Arganda Blog on Airport Safety ( The Safety of Political Correctness)

In a world filled with fears of terror, how we implement public safety is entirely reliant upon how we see and accept logic. To say we prioritize cultural awareness over safety is as foolish as to say the opposite. Meaning, we can’t compromise either, so why do we spend so much time debating each rather than protecting both?

We need not ever profile a person’s culture or origin…..we should ALWAYS profile a person’s behavior.

We spend so much time creating policy and protocol that centers around protecting against discrimination. How much of that direction strengthens or weakens ┬ásafety measures? We must implement policies that promote and center around seeking, identifying and acting upon Behavior of a person, not who the person is (barring known intentions). ┬áProfiling is important, it is needed and it is beneficial. How and what we profile makes the difference… if utilizing the word “profiling” is too much for some, then we need to center our policies around another word for profiling, but the actions are still profiling BEHAVIOR! We can call it, “Behavior-Awareness” “Behavior-Recognition” “Behavior-Assessment.” No matter the words used, the most important aspect is how we see what we need to see through behavior and actions!

Bank robbers are caught because they rob or attempt to rob a bank, not because they look a certain way and are found near a bank. What if that bank robber didn’t rob a bank yet, but was arrested for hiding near a bank entrance with a mask, gun and note later found on them? No matter who the person is or what race they are, their behavior is what created the attention and what got them arrested.

Any criminal with the intent to cause death or fear of death will display certain behaviors. Even their attempts to conceal those behaviors will create certain behaviors. We must be allowed to look for and address those behaviors.

We cannot successfully protect everything, but when we accurately identify everything, everything then becomes safer.