Bill William Arganda. Perception of Prevention

Bill William Arganda. View on Preventative measures for all things safety.

How often do we see and hear about crime victims taken by surprise, or worse, taken so unnecessarily? Most minor crimes, and many serious crimes, are a result of carelessness and a lack of simple preventative thinking. Not to discourage an unexpected law abiding citizen, it’s just that far too often we become victims because we have ignored safety options.

It seems that in this day and age of such easily accessible technology, cameras everywhere, and software for just about everything security, we tend to feel more protected, as if the net of safety is automatic for us all. In turn, it creates a belief that we can eliminate the importance of conventional awareness and rest in a more carefree mentality with our safety and preventative duties. We tend to live more liberal with our activities in how relaxed we believe we can be, but that is the furthest from the truth. Everything depends upon how much more we understand and utilize technology and safety methods better than the criminals.

Certainly technology continually evolves, which provides the opportunity for better safety, but equally provides for increased vulnerability . Criminals undoubtedly use the tools of technology in their efforts. If we ignore such opportunities for safety, our perception of how safe we are becomes flawed, and our certainty of safety becomes more limited. ┬áIn a world of instant access social media and real time knowledge of events, our privacy diminishes instantly and our lives are more exposed than ever before. Absent intentional tactics to safeguard our life’s activities, anyone can be a key stroke away from knowing our routine, our home, our jobs, our family and our schedules. Today’s latest door locks, alarm systems and monitoring capabilities provide some of the best protections than ever before. However, because of that, people feel so capable of being safe, they become incapable of thinking safe. Having the most advanced options ignored, render those options useless.

So whether you are one to accept and utilize technology or not, the criminals will…No matter the method of safety we choose, there must be an intentional engagement of safety on our part in order to minimize the inevitable and intentional methods of criminals.

In short, we are only as safe as we intentionally choose to be. Stay safe!

Bill William Arganda