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William Bill Arganda Blog:

Over the years, police data (statistics) on crime have shown a variety of patterns and trends, some of which fluctuate, but the one aspect that remains is the fact that victim awarness (or lack of) plays a significant role in crime potential and success.

Of course many crimes succeed due to opportunity,  and at times no matter how well prepared and aware we are, crime still occurs. However, one of the biggest contributing factors in preventing crime or minimizing the affects of crime, is how well we implement awareness into our daily lives that factor in the opportunity for crime.

No one need alter their entire life in an anticipating cocoon of worry, but rather apply subtle changes to your activities that help prevent from appearing as a vulnerable unassuming target.

An example:

Drive thru ATMs are often concealed areas foolishly landscaped with pretty, yet dangerously concealing shrubbery, perfect for an awaiting assailant. Why not do a pass first, check the over all safety from a distance…how well lit the atm area is (or isn’t) , as well as the surrounding areas of approach and exit. Perhaps a nearby populated convenience store is a better option, even if you pay the extra fee. It’s a much cheaper price to pay than taking a dangerous chance.

If the ATM is an option and you pull up, get as close to the machine and wall as possible,  even pull your side mirror in so there is no possibility of someone approaching your window. If that’s not an option because of safety poles around the ATM, then make sure to check your surroundings, point your tires in the safest quickest direction for a fast getaway, and if you feel capable enough, keep your car in drive with your foot firmly on the brake, especially when you maneuver to lean out for your transaction.

If you don’t feel that multi tasking capable, put the car in park, BUT immediately relock your doors. Pretty much all cars nowadays automatically unlock the doors when placed in park. Let’s  not give anyone an open door to choose from. Another good idea is to have someone on speaker phone with you the entire time, let them know which ATM location you’re using. Simply knowing the city you’re in and cross streets will do, as long as they know what kind of car you’re driving.

So next time you want to use the convenience of a drive thru ATM, make it convenient only for you, not the bad guys.

Bill William Arganda