Sergeant Bill William Arganda (former) Fired Up About Police Officer Safety

Police are better protected, and better protect, when better understood by a public that should want to support law enforcement,  not harm them.

Stronger community support means safer streets, for both the public and the police. This is why it is imperative law enforcement engage in public communication, public education and public needs when a police involved crisis arises.

Although legalities restrict agencies from full disclosure of an incident, as well as the personnel involved, police must utilize opportunities that provide the public information that clearly relay a compassionate sincere effort that show police concern for the community.

Sometimes police become so formal and protective of an incident (investigative integrity) they tend to negate the basic human need of a concerned community’s fears, curiosity and premature conclusions.

Proactive agencies display a public ability to inform where they can, and articulate reasoning to preserve and protect aspects of an investigation they can’t further discuss. Sometimes simply explaining why there can’t be comment will suffice much much more than no comment about no comment.

Those are my comments….